Top WWE Stars Believe Sasha Banks Has Been Released

Sasha Banks - Mercedes Mone

Amidst conflicting reports about Sasha Banks’ status with WWE, multiple top stars reportedly believe she’s gone from the company.

After Sasha Banks and Naomi walked out of Monday Night Raw on May 16th, the two were stripped of their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, suspended without pay, and had their merchandise pulled from

Neither woman has been seen in the company since, and there have been conflicting reports regarding Sasha’s status with the company.

On June 16th, Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. reported that The Boss was released from her WWE contract, while later updates suggested that Banks had a legal team working on her behalf to ensure her release.

WrestleVotes then weighed in on the situation, reporting that the word from SmackDown in Minneapolis was that the initial report of Banks being released was true.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider first appeared to squash rumors of Sasha’s release, but today confirmed that both Sasha and Naomi have been removed from WWE’s internal roster, despite their profiles still appearing under the active roster section of

Now, a report from Fightful Select provides more information, stating that the pair were removed from other internal rosters “weeks ago,” despite no one being prompted to remove them from the official roster on the website. There was, however, an instance where someone was prompted to edit a Sasha Banks-related sign in a photo gallery.

The report continues, noting that many top WWE Superstars are of the belief that Raj Giri’s initial report about The Boss’ release is correct and that she is officially gone from the company. However, WWE have not confirmed that information, and there hasn’t been an internal email sent to talent about the situation.

According to Fightful, the WWE creative team is operating under the assumption that neither Sasha Banks nor Naomi will return to the company, and they’ve not heard of any contingency plans put in place for if the situation were to change. However, there is no official confirmation at this time.

As for Sasha and Naomi, they’ve both updated their Instagram bios to replace the words “WWE Superstar” with “Professional Wrestler,” indicating that they have no plans to return.