Top WWE Star Wants To Fight “Old And Beaten Down” King Charles

King Charles

As he heads to the UK, rising star LA Knight has his sights on King Charles III and wants to take the crown.

The star is set to head to the UK for Money In The Bank on July 1st, where he will take part in the eponymous match. The bout will see seven men battle it out to climb a ladder and claim the briefcase containing a contract for a title shot of their choosing that can take place anywhere and at any time as long as a referee is present.

However, Knight also has loftier goals in mind. Although the previously advertised King And Queen Of The Ring event was cancelled in favour of Night Of Champions earlier in the year, he still has that title in mind, declaring to the Daily Star that he’ll fight King Charles and take the crown.

The monarch has only been in the position since September 8th, 2022, but if Knight gets his way, it could be one of the shorter reigns in history.

“I gotta go to the top man and run for King Charles. I know he’s old and beaten down and you know busted up, but I’ve got to take the crown.”

While the King is more into cricket and polo than wrestling, he did step into the boxing ring during a trip to Cuba, where he might have got some pointers to help against the former Million Dollar Champion.

King Charles getting into the ring

LA Knight is popular with the WWE Universe and he knows it

Potential coronations aside, Knight is a fan favourite to win the coveted briefcase at Money In The Bank this weekend. The star has been rising in popularity ever since moving to the main roster last year.

During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, he discussed the exact moment the fans got behind him, saying it was during a show in Washington.

“I can tell you exactly. It was back in March, we were in DC, Sheamus and Drew [McIntyre] were in the ring. And then all of a sudden, that music hit, and I walked out and I remember it just kind of hit me. And I was like, that’s different.”

Although he admits he doesn’t know why, Knight says the people are “demanding” him.

“I don’t know why, and maybe I don’t even want to know why. But for some reason or another, the people are demanding me.”