Top WWE Star Unhappy With “Creative And Money”

WWE Championship belt

On the eve of WrestleMania 39, it was reported that Drew McIntyre could be on his way out of WWE.

The report noted that McIntyre’s deal isn’t going to expire “imminently” but it will end sometime this year. Furthermore, the former World Champion and WWE were said to be nowhere close to agreeing an extension.

This was followed by an update claiming that the Scottish star was “considering a number of factors” with his WWE future undecided.

Speaking via PWTorchVIP, (Subscription required) Wade Keller has added some more details to the situation. Keller explained that McIntyre’s unhappiness stems from issues with money and recent creative.

“We alluded to this that there’s been talk that he is unhappy with his current situation in WWE and I’m hearing it’s kind of a mix of creative and money and what kind of offer he’s getting for a renewal. It sounds like WWE is taking seriously the possibility that he is going to let his deal run out rather than agree to something that he believes is less than he deserves or less than he what he thinks he has coming.”

Keller went on to suggest that McIntyre’s unhappiness could have been part of the reason why he was pulled from SmackDown, although he added that nagging injuries could have played a part.

“He was gonna be at SmackDown and now he has been pulled so I think that situation will probably, based on what I’m hearing, be decided pretty quickly one way or the other.

There’s a chance that he was pulled from SmackDown, in part because he is just really physically beat up from that match and so just not having to travel and him getting a day off was sort of given to him either at his request or the medical team in WWE just said, ‘yea with what he’s been through, he should have some time off.’

Drew McIntyre Pulled From WWE SmackDown

Just hours before the April 7th episode of SmackDown it was reported that Drew McIntyre had been pulled from a Cricket Wireless signing prior to the show in Portland, OR. McIntyre was replaced by Gunther.

As reported by Wade Keller, he was also supposed to be at SmackDown.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co