Top WWE Star ‘Extremely Sick’ During WWE Crown Jewel

WWE Crown Jewel

WWE’s Crown Jewel pay-per-view event was filled with spectacular matches and according to insiders, Drew McIntyre who was matched up against his latest adversary, Karrion Kross, had been battling the flu for the past several days, but despite his illness, he still managed to pull out the win.

Canceling the Crown Jewel match was not an option, as McIntyre had promised he would be doing everything he could to make it to the event and from what he delivered, it was hard to believe he had been ill at all.

Drew McIntyre Was At War With The Flu At WWE Crown Jewel

Both Kross and McIntyre were extremely physical throughout their Crown Jewel match and there did not seem to be any hindrance to the Scottish Warrior despite his recent bout of the flu, if anything he looked to be in better shape than he was at the Clash at the Castle PPV when McIntyre challenged the Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Kross has been a thorn in the side of McIntyre since he reappeared on the roster, calling McIntyre “the chosen one” and attacking him whenever the opportunity presented itself, often with the help of Scarlett, Kross’s wife.

The scheduled cage match promised minimal interference from the outside and put both men on an even playing field. Accompanied to the ring by Scarlett, Kross almost made it to the outside of the cage but was foiled by McIntyre on at least two occasions.

Kross almost gained the upper hand when Scarlett once again used a spray to blind McIntyre, but he was unable to make it out before he was dragged back in by McIntyre.

McIntyre was victorious, however, after he climbed to the top of the cage, beating Kross to the mat as Kross crawled out of the open door toward Scarlett.

The win spells the end of a losing streak for McIntyre who has repeatedly been choked out by Kross over the past few weeks.