Top WWE Raw Superstar “Leading Candidate” To Win New World Heavyweight Title

Triple H unveils the new WWE World Heavyweight Title

As Roman Reigns’ stranglehold over the main event scene continues, WWE has come up with a new plan to give both Raw and SmackDown World Champions.

Instead of splitting the existing titles that Reigns currently holds in some shape, form, or fashion, an entirely new championship is being created. On the April 24th edition of WWE Raw, Triple H announced the creation of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Following the WWE Draft, Roman Reigns will stay on whichever brand he’s drafted to, and take the WWE and Universal Titles with him. Meanwhile, a new World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia on May 27th. Incidentally, this is the same day that Reigns will pass 1000 days as World Champion.

Speculation is already running wild over who will be the new champion, but a new report has claimed that one star, in particular, is a “strong candidate.” Wrestle Votes via GiveMeSport notes that Rollins is a hot favourite to win the new title.

“With the new title, I’ve heard he’s a very strong candidate to be the first guy. No doubt about it, Seth is your leading candidate.”

New WWE World Heavyweight Title Wasn’t A Vince McMahon Idea

While some backed the move to create the new title, others questioned why the company had created a “secondary” World Championship. Attention then turned to who had made the controversial call. However, despite the speculation, and hammering of keyboards it wasn’t Vince McMahon.

A report following Raw confirmed that the new title is very much a Triple H idea.