Top WWE NXT Stars Written Off, Expected At SmackDown For WWE Draft

WWE NXT stars The Creed Brothers, Pretty Deadly & Gallus square off

On the April 25th episode of WWE NXT, Pretty Deadly faced off against Tony D’Angelo and Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo in a trunk match, meaning the match could only be won when both members of one team were stuffed in a car trunk and the lid was closed.

The match was a frenzy, with the men brawling all over the Performance Center. In the end, both Kit Wilson and Elton Prince were forced into the car’s trunk and the lid was closed. D’Angelo and Stacks drove away with the two men still in the trunk.

Later in the episode, the pair were shown driving down the road as screams of agony came from the trunk behind them, causing them to pull over to the side of the road so Stacks could investigate. He was off camera as he went behind the car and opened the trunk, but sounds of a crowbar could be heard as screams intensified. The screams eventually stopped when Stacks got back in the car and told D’Angelo the commotion was “nothing” before they continued their journey.

The main event of the show saw Indi Hartwell retain her NXT Women’s Championship despite suffering an injury mid-match. As Hartwell celebrated in the ring, the camera cut to a dock on a lake where Stacks and Tony D’Angelo were standing. Though the audience didn’t see what was thrown in, a splash could be heard as the camera found its way to the two men.

They talked about how the water was deep enough for their purposes, and D’Angelo said:

“Stacks, listen. Those who want respect take respect, and that’s exactly what we did tonight. Pretty Deadly? They’re history, but it ain’t no mystery what’s next for us.”

When Stacks said “Tag team gold,” D’Angelo continued.

“Damn right! And Gallus, they better get smart. ‘Cuz if they ain’t ready, they might end up like Pretty Deadly, right?”

The two men then went to celebrate their accomplishment of the night, seemingly writing Pretty Deadly off NXT television for good.

Pretty Deadly Expected In Corpus Christi For The WWE Draft

With their fates sealed in NXT, fans may be wondering what’s next for Kit Wilson and Elton Prince, but according to a new report, they might not have to wait long.

According to PWInsider Elite, the pair are expected in Corpus Christi, TX for the first night of the WWE Draft taking place on the April 28th episode of SmackDown. The report notes that their names have been discussed as potential call-ups to the main roster for quite some time, and while it isn’t confirmed they’ll be called up to SmackDown for sure, the timing would certainly make sense.

Triple H first announced the upcoming WWE Draft on the April 7th episode of SmackDown.