Top Star In IMPACT Re-Signs With Company In Historic Deal

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One major star in IMPACT Wrestling is not moving on as he revealed that he signed the longest deal in company history.

The winds of change seemed afoot for IMPACT as the promotion recently lost Jordynne Grace to free agency and it looked like they could be losing another long-term talent in Moose. However, the former World Champion took to Twitter to share a lengthy message, announcing that he re-signed with the company in historic fashion, but not before doing a little swerve in his words.

“Leaving IMPACT WRESTLING was a very hard decision to make. Since I made my debut in July 2016 I have accomplished so much in 7 years. Truth is there is so many matches that I wanted to have, so many matchups to be had, but then I realized, unlike MMA, I don’t have to beat the great wrestlers in other organizations to be considered great. I think my body of work speaks for itself. I believe my peers in all other companies and organizations respect my work and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

“Right now when you hear IMPACT WRESTLING AJ Styles/Kurt Angle are the top names that comes to mind. I want my name to be at the top of that list. So with that goal in mind, I have more I have to get done before my time in IMPACT is done. Not only did I sign back with IMPACT Wrestling, but I also signed the longest deal anyone has ever signed in company’s history … a whole lot of work to be done so let’s go.

“PS: I get to still annoy Tommy Dreamer and Scott D’Amore.”

The Resume Moose Has Built In IMPACT Wrestling

Moose has created a strong identity with his seven-year tenure in IMPACT so far. He first became the World Champion at Bound For Glory 2021 when he cashed in his “Call Your Shot” Gauntlet win against Josh Alexander.

Before that, he was the IMPACT Grand Champion and then later carried around the original TNA World Championship, being the self-proclaimed champion of the company. During the pandemic, he wrestled Kenny Omega for the IMPACT World Title at Against All Odds 2021.