Top Star Fined After AEW Dynamite Promo

AEW logo for their Dynamite TV show

Last week on Dynamite, Ruby Soho laid into the fans and didn’t pull any punches. This week that trend continued as Soho was joined by her fellow Outcasts Toni Storm and Saraya.

But while Soho and Storm managed to keep their cool with their promos, one of them took things a bit too far as she walked backstage to find herself being fined.

Saraya’s line-crossing language? Calling the fans ‘tw*ts’, which is considered vulgar in British English.

It has been hard to determine what is acceptable on Dynamite and what isn’t. Wrestlers have used strong language many times and some of it was heard without censorship. In fact, Jungle Boy Jack Perry called described some of MJF’s antics as ‘bulls**t’ and wasn’t censored during the broadcast.

In other cases, AEW has had to come up with creative ways to deal with certain words, such as when Bryan Danielson told MJF he was “going to get his f**king head kicked in” or when Moxley told a fan to “go f**k himself” after he interrupted Moxley’s return promo after going to rehab for his alcoholism.

AEW’s Saraya fined for insulting the audience with particularly vulgar language

In this case, it appears that her language slipped by the broadcaster’s censors, which is why it was heard in full without interruption. But while she managed to get the word out to add more oomph to her promo, she literally had to pay for doing so.

As if that wasn’t enough, she and her fellow Outcasts also got attacked by some of the other women’s wrestlers, who tried to get revenge for the trio’s actions over the past several weeks.

Exactly how much she was fined is not known at this time.