Plans For Mystery Opponent At WWE Survivor Series WarGames [SPOILER]

WWE Survivor Series WarGames

Back in July, WWE SummerSlam opened with Becky Lynch going face to face with Bianca Belair in an attempt to regain her Raw Women’s Championship. Belair, on the other hand, sought to redeem herself after being beaten by Lynch at last year’s SummerSlam in just 26 seconds.

Belair emerged victorious from the bout, and the two women shared a hug afterward in a show of mutual respect before the champion was confronted by a returning Bayley along with Dakota Kai and Io Shirai, who is now known as IYO SKY. However, Becky Lynch confirmed the next night on Raw that she’s suffered a shoulder injury during the bout. After another show of respect with Belair, Lynch was attacked by the members of Damage CTRL and hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since.

Plans Are In Place For Becky Lynch To Return At WWE Survivor Series WarGames

Ahead of WWE Survivor Series, WWE Raw has seen the women’s WarGames match take shape. First, the members of Damage CTRL challenged Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss to face off with them inside the double cage. Nikki Cross joined Damage CTRL’s team despite having attacked Bayley during her return to Raw, and while Mia Yim was offered the chance to be the team’s fifth member, she declined.

Instead, Mia Yim declared that she would instead be joining the babyface team, which led Rhea Ripley to announce herself as the fifth member of Damage CTRL’s team, wanting to get her hands on Yim as she’s aligned with The OC in their fight against The Judgment Day.

The fifth member of the babyface team has not been determined, but according to a report from Fightful Select, plans are in place for none other than Becky Lynch to seek retribution against Damage CTRL and serve as the mystery opponent.

According to the report, those within WWE were thrilled that Lynch was able to avoid surgery for her torn shoulder, but that the timeframe for her recovery would not allow in-ring training until October at the earliest.

The report continues, noting that Lynch has been discussed as the fifth member of the babyface team inside WarGames and that there are plans in place for her to return from injury at Survivor Series. Of course, plans are subject to change, and nothing will be official until the actual event.

The report also notes that many within the company are excited to work with Big Time Becks again outside the booking control of Vince McMahon.