Top RAW Star Hits Back At WWE Hiatus Rumours

WWE Raw set

A former Women’s Champion has shot down any rumours that they are taking a break from WWE.

There were reports on Tuesday that Alexa Bliss had been scheduled to take a break from the company. However, these findings appear to be false, as they have been debunked by Bliss herself.

Raw Superstar Alexa Bliss Is Not Taking A Break From WWE

Taking to social media, Bliss posted the following, seemingly about the reports of a hiatus:

Don’t believe things you read. Unless it comes directly from me…it’s not real lol

Alexa Bliss has been prominently featured on WWE TV in recent weeks. The former Raw Women’s Champion attempted to capture the title for a 4th time at the Royal Rumble, challenging Bianca Belair for the gold.

The title match was the second time that The EST has put the championship on the line against the former champion. On the first Raw of 2023, Belair would continue to be a fighting champion by offering Bliss another shot at the title. As both competitors were on the outside of the ring, various masked figures appeared in the audience, approaching Bliss.

With the challenger back in the ring, Bray Wyatt imagery flashed up on the screen, causing Alexa Bliss to snap and attack the official. Bliss then turned her attack onto Belair, delivering a DDT onto the steel steps.

At the Rumble, Belair would retain the title, winning via pinfall following a KOD onto Bliss. After the match, more Wyatt related imagery would flash up on the screen, detailing the previous alliance between Wyatt and the Twisted Bliss.

Failing to capture another championship at the Royal Rumble, Bliss will not be challenging Belair at WrestleMania. The winner of the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match did not qualify for the match at the upcoming Premium Live Event. The winner of the 2023 match will be Bianca Belair’s challenger at WrestleMania.