Top Female Star Turns Heel On SmackDown

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A top female star has turned to the dark side on the July 8th edition of SmackDown attacking their tag team partner.

In early April, vignettes began appearing on SmackDown where Lacey Evans debuted a new, more real-to life version of her character. Evans appeared in a number of short videos, where he detailed her struggles to get to WWE including being an abuse survivor. The presentation being vastly different to her previous ‘Southern Belle’ character.

On May 6th, Evans appeared in person and saluted the crowd before being moved to Raw the following week. On the red brand, Evans delivered an in-ring promo on May 16th, but didn’t appear the following weeks. After this, the star was quietly moved back to SmackDown.

Despite previously working as a heel, Evans had been more of a fan favourite since returning, but that run is over.

On the July 8th edition of SmackDown, the star was due to team with Aliyah in tag team action. But after Aliyah made her entrance, things quickly went off the rails. Lacey Evans abandoned her own entrance twice before coming to the ring, dissatisfied with the response she received from the crowd.

Evans eventually made her way into the ring and proceeded to take aim at the fans in attendance for the their supposed lacklustre response. After running down everything that she thought was wrong with those in front of her, Evans turned to leave.

Confused, Aliyah attempted to confront Evans but was laid out by the Women’s Right.

Since returning to WWE following the birth of her second child, Lacey Evans has been heavily featured, but that has yet to translate to in-ring success. The military veteran was most recently in action in the women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match.