Top AAA Star Suspended Following Assault On Influencer

AAA TripleMania XXVI Poster

A former AAA World Tag Team Champion has been suspended following an altercation with a social media personality at a recent event.

AAA Star Chessman suspended following assault on media personality

Three-time AAA World Trios Champion Chessman sparked huge controversy on March 4th when he slapped social media influencer Adrián Marcelo backstage as the promotion held a joint show with the National Wrestling Alliance as part of the ‘The World Is A Vampire’ music festival held in Mexico City.

In an altercation that many are seeing as a work, the popular influence was interviewing Chessman with the former two-time AAA Tag Team Champion becoming increasingly irritated at the line of questioning and subsequently slapping Marcelo. The media personality responded by throwing a beer in the direction of his interviewee and the men had to be separated.

Later in the week Marcelo would post a video demanding that AAA take action against Chessman, threatening to press charges if no explanation was given:

“You guys can’t see the hit, but my neck hurts a shit ton. Just wanted to post in IG Story & I am tagging AAA & and I want to ask Dorian (Roldán) if there will be a statement or if they will clarify anything because if I don’t see that within this week, I will present a lawsuit, plain & simple.

In the video you can see what he (Chessman) did & there are many elements to proceed. I just demand an explanation & want to know what will happen. At the very least, I want to know from the AAA Director to see what the fuck happened with Chessman & why he did that”

AAA responded swiftly by issuing Chessman with a two-week suspension, but it is yet to be seen if this is an angle to set up a match between the two men as rumours are suggesting.

It has been a difficult few days for AAA, with one of the promotion’s Stars also arrested earlier this week for attempted femicide.

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