Tony Schiavone Praises AEW Stars MJF & Adam Cole

Adam Cole and MJF

Despite his animosity with Adam Cole and MJF, Tony Schiavone has begrudgingly admitted he likes the duo.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Cole have won over the AEW audience with their unlikely pairing in the Blind Tag Team Eliminator Tournament. Over the course of the tournament, the pair have grown to become friends and even given their team an official name, ‘Better Than You Bay Bay.’

Although heading into the tournament it seemed like the stars would have trouble co-existing, they always had one thing in common, their hatred of Tony Schiavone.

While Friedman and Schiavone have traded barbs for years over the Salt of the Earth’s questionable tactics and attitude, Cole’s dislike of him is more personal and comes down to Schiavone becoming friends with the star’s real-life wife, Britt Baker, before he even signed with AEW.

During the latest episode of ‘What Happened When’, Schiavone’s co-host, Conrad Thompson, described Better Than You Bay Bay as the pair’s “favourite tag team.” While Schiavone seemed reluctant to accept that, he eventually admitted “they’re great.”

When it was put to him that he “didn’t hate them”, Schiavone said that was true, but he could see why Cole would hate him.

“I don’t hate him. I can see why he would hate me because, in reality, his girlfriend likes me more than she likes him — that’s the way it is.”

Did MJF and Adam Cole win the AEW Tag Team Championships?

Friedman and Cole’s partnership proved so successful that they were able to overcome every other team to win the Blind Tag Team Eliminator Tournament and with it, a shot at the Tag Team Champions, FTR.

While the pair were able to counter Shatter Machine several times, they still couldn’t pull off the victory. In the end, Dax Harwood rolled up Friedman for the pinfall win.

After the show went off the air, the AEW World Champion praised his and Cole’s opponents, calling them the “best tag team in the world.”

MJF has been receiving plenty of praise as of late, with wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page also chiming in about the AEW World Champion.