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Tony Schiavone On When Brodie Lee Fell Ill & His Tragic Passing

Brodie Lee, AKA Jon Huber, sadly passed away at the age of 41 on Boxing Day after quietly battling illness – which was kept quiet by the AEW roster and staff out of respect for Huber.

Speaking on What Happened When with Tony Schiavone, Tony Schiavone has revealed more details of said illness, and just when he found out Lee was ill, and how his tragic passing was announced to the roster.

Schiavone would first speak to how Lee was a locker room leader, and why Brodie Lee called him his “mentor” after one encounter.

“He and I really developed a very close bond when he won the AEW TV Championship and I was in the ring interviewing him. He did the classic, big guy, bend down to my microphone. When the show was over and he asked how the interview was, I said, ‘You made a mistake.’ I said, ‘You are so big and tall, never bend down to the microphone. I will put the microphone up to your mouth. Stand up tall. Stand up straight. Stand up strong.’ He said, ‘That’s great, thank you for that.’ So from that moment on, we didn’t see each other much longer after that, but from that moment on, he called me his mentor. The only thing I mentored him on was the microphone because for a guy his size, he can work. He can do a lot of stuff. “

Schiavone went on to reveal the timeline of finding out Brodie Lee was ill, and just how rapidly his condition deteriorated.

“Unfortunately, the AEW Uncensored podcast that we do, the one we did with Brodie, we did it the day before he got sick. Then we heard he had been airlifted to the Mayo Clinic and Amanda, his wife, came and met with the entire group and told us how bad a shape he was in and please don’t say anything to anybody.”

Huber had last wrestled for AEW on the October 7th episode of AEW Dynamite, losing the TNT Championship to Cody Rhodes. His final wrestling appearance was on the October 12th episode of Being The Elite. Lee would speak on the AEW Unrestricted podcast sometime shortly after – which was released in late October.

The roster, of course, kept the news quiet – which speaks even more to the respect they had for Brodie Lee.

“I think everybody did a great job keeping it close to the vest as the old cliche goes. We all knew it didn’t look good but we were all hoping he would kick out.”

Tony Schiavone would go on to reveal how the roster found out Jon Huber had sadly passed.

“The day that he passed away, we received an email that we were going to have a company-wide Zoom call in 30 minutes and I knew that if we were going to have a Zoom call that quickly, something was bad. So, they told us about that. “

Schiavone would reminisce about how much Brodie Lee would be missed, but heartwarmingly also revealed how Brodie Lee Jr has signed a contract with AEW.