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Tony Schiavone Announces Graphic Novel Kickstarter

Tony Schiavone

Tony Schiavone, one of the voices of WCW and now AEW is going to tell his life story in the form of a graphic novel and he has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it made.

The host of the What Happened When podcast announced the project on Twitter. Schiavone commented that he is a lover of comic books.

The full Tweet read:

“For someone who grew up loving comic books, this is a big deal for me in many ways. We go live at 11 AM ET. Thank you for your support for everything we do.”

‘Butts in seats’ is of course a reference to his piece of commentary on WCW Nitro on the 4th of January 1999. On that same night, Mick Foley won the WWE Championship in a pre-recorded episode of Raw. At his bosses behest, Schiavone said:

“If you’re even thinking of changing the channel to our competition, fans do not. Because we understand Mick Foley who wrestled here one time as Cactus Jack is going to win their world title. Ugh, that’s gonna put some butts in the seats.”

As the story goes, 600,000 households – according to WWE – would then change the channel from Nitro to Raw to see the beloved Foley win the big one.

After the demise of WCW, Schiavone – barring a one-night stay in TNA – left the wrestling business. He would concentrate on calling the action for the Georgia Bulldogs football teams as well as covering baseball for the Gwinnett Braves.

Schiavone returned to wrestling in 2017, beginning with his much-loved podcast. Later that year Schiavone would take up a commentary role with Major League Wrestling.

Tony Schiavone ultimately joined All Elite Wrestling in August 2019 where he provides commentary alongside Excalibur and WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross.

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