Tony Khan Explains William Regal Joining AEW

William Regal

AEW President Tony Khan has discussed the shock arrival in AEW of former NXT stalwart William Regal and says he was surprised Regal was made available by WWE.

William Regal was released from his WWE contract in early January 2022 as the company continued the restructuring behind the scenes of the NXT brand.

The former General Manager of the black and gold brand has now made his next move clear as he appeared to the amazement of the crowd at Revolution following the bloody battle between Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley. Regal got physical with both men as he stopped them from continuing their brawl after the match was over.

Speaking at the post- Revolution media scrum Tony Khan explained why he was excited to have the Englishman on board in AEW both behind and in front of the camera and possibly hinted at Regal’s name in AEW going forward:

“I was very surprised to see that he had been released and he was gonna be available. I’ve tons of respect for his mind and I think he’s gonna be a very valuable person here in AEW. Obviously, I think people who have followed his career closely know he has a very long-established connection with Bryan Danielson. And was instrumental in shaping the pro wrestler Bryan Danielson has become as one of the best pro wrestlers today and one of the best pro wrestlers of all time.”

“I think Lord Regal had a big contribution to that so when he was released, I was first of all very surprised but also eager to bring him here. I think he can contribute on-screen in a major way to both Bryan Danielson and he has a history with Jon Moxley. I think some of the last matches we saw Lord Regal wrestle were against Jon Moxley and they had a great rivalry also.”

“So he’s very familiar with both men and they both have a lot of respect for him and I think we saw that after the violence and the way they bled together tonight they’ve built a lot of mutual respect for each other, I think that’s very exciting.”

“Also behind the scenes, I’m really excited to have him here. I think Lord Regal can teach everyone here a lot and it’s gonna be great having here. I’m very excited on-screen and off-screen. It came together very recently but he fits very well, I think, with what we’re doing here in AEW all around.”

Tony Khan also discussed his acquisition of Ring Of Honor and how he intends to be the creative decision-maker for that brand as he is in AEW.

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