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Tony Khan – “We Have A More Affluent Fanbase Than Other Organisations”

Tony Khan on the mic

Tony Khan has claimed that AEW have a “more affluent fanbase” than other wrestling organisations.

The AEW President made the comments while speaking with Bloomberg Business of Sports. During the conversation, Khan discussed the importance of AEW’s younger audience in relation to advertising, before stating that the company has a more affluent fanbase than other promotions.

“Well, it’s the youngest skewing audience of all sports programming on all of television,” Khan said. “There have been more weeks than not in the past several months where we’ve beaten every major sporting event in terms of having the youngest skewing audience. Our Wednesday night show and our Friday night show have both been rated as the number one show on cable in the 18-49 demographic.

“We have a more affluent fanbase than other wrestling organisations, but really, people from all kinds of backgrounds. They are more likely to be a college educated audience. They’re a very attractive audience to an advertising base — particularly, with the age demographic that they add.”

Tony Khan continued by highlighting the consistency of AEW’s audience, adding that it’s this consistency that has helped Dynamite rank number one on cable on multiple occasions.

“Having such a young, engaged, audience is really important for us, and it’s also a very consistent audience. This year, so many times, we’ve been the number one show on cable and you can really count on our fans to come and watch the show every Wednesday night.”

Khan has reason to be in buoyant mood after AEW Dynamite beat Monday Night RAW in 18-49 year-old demographic for the second week in a row.

Dynamite drew in an average of 1,175,000 viewers. 574,000 of those viewers were aged 18 to 49, which equates to a rating of 0.44. Two nights previously RAW scored a 0.43 rating in the same demographic.

Next up for AEW is Dynamite: Grand Slam on September 22nd, which will take place inside New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium. The show will be headlined by a huge clash between Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.