Tony Khan Tried To Use ChatGPT To Write AEW Dynamite

AEW President Tony Khan

Writing a wrestling show is very difficult. Gone are the days when a small handful of people could sit down, write out long-term storylines, and fill in the gaps as they go.

Now, with wrestling being so big in some places and having such big financial backers, it almost comes with the territory that the bigger brands will have entire teams of creative people hired for the sole purpose of coming up with characters, angles, storylines, and everything else that’s needed to produce weekly wrestling as content.

Some places, like WWE, opt for traditional manpower and have hired countless people over the decades to serve on the company’s “creative team”. AEW and Tony Khan, on the other hand, had something else in mind.

Tony Khan stopped using ChatGPT and other AI programs because they tried taking over the entire show

Speaking to CNBC, Tony Khan explained that he had to stop using it because it was putting too much on one show.

I’ve definitely messed around with ChatGPT and AI a decent amount. One thing about them is they take criticism and feedback very well. When I first messed around with ChatGPT and asked it, ‘give me your best version of Dynamite,’ it has limited knowledge of world events since 2021, so its presentation of AEW, then you found that it was really looking at AEW from a couple of years ago, people who are not in AEW or are not here now.

One thing was giving it an updated roster. Another thing I thought was interesting was asking it to write a ten-segment wrestling show with nine breaks that is two hours long. Trying to format it out. It did the same thing everyone does when they first get into wrestling, and what all fans would do, and ideally, it’s a great thing, trying to put too much in versus what you can actually get done in two hours.

I saw that ChatGPT, like a human being, was trying to stuff too much into the show. I retrained it, it took the criticism well, and then came back with alternative ideas. It had some solid thoughts and I could see the merits of people utilizing it to check their work or come up with ideas.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription