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Tony Khan To Konnan – “If I Don’t Know What I’m Doing, You Don’t Either”

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AEW President Tony Khan has lashed out at professional legend Konnan after the former WCW star cited that the millionaire had a distinct lack of experience as a booker.

From day one in All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan has written, booked and directed every episode of AEW Dynamite and AEW Dark which led to a huge spike in ratings over its NXT opposition.

The Cody Rhodes vs. Mr. Brodie Lee series, the debut of Sting and the defection of Kenny Omega were all ideas that grew from the mind and executed by the keen eye of the creative head not to mention the many celebrated bouts which have come straight from his foresight.

Now, Tony Khan has joined the Wrestling Fetish podcast in order to respond to comments from Konnan that he possesses a lock of booking experience to be in charge of AEW. During the interview, Khan threw the accusation back at the legend who has served as booker and creative consultant for AAA:

“I think Konnan has called my booking into question, which I find very amusing. If I recall, the biggest money angle you [Konnan/AAA] had that entire year, I booked, I put that entire Lucha Brothers / Young Bucks program together, and set the whole outline to you, which I still have on my phone. That was your biggest TV show in 2019. So, if I don’t know what I’m doing, you don’t either.

That being said, I do like Konnan and I would have never said anything like that if he hadn’t said anything about me. I like working with AAA and Konnan. I’ve also heard Konnan and Disco Inferno say stuff about me on their podcast, but our working relationship has always been good.”

Though signed to Major League Wrestling, Konnan has made an appearance for All Elite Wrestling in November 2020 when he was a cameo during The Inner Circle’s trip to Las Vegas.

Credit for the interview: Wrestling Fetish

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.