Tony Khan Talks About AEW Expanding Its PPV Schedule

AEW President Tony Khan

Could Tony Khan add to AEW’s PPV schedule?

The AEW President addressed the media today in hype for AEW Blood & Guts and ROH Death Before Dishonor this week, but a featured topic of discussion came to expanding the company’s PPV lineup throughout the calender year.

An earlier report from Fightful indicated that having 12 PPVs a year for AEW could be a part of the plan if Warner Bros. Discovery were to extend its TV deal with the promotion, and Dave Meltzer inquired about that possibility. Khan didn’t confirm the report, but did touch upon what AEW has done so far since its inception in 2019.

“No wrestling company that has ever expanded its PPV calendar due to demand and economics has ever regretted that decision. I think in general there have been backers that have helped pro wrestling companies rise and fall over the years, but I do think that expanding your PPV calendar has often been something that has been seen as revenue positive and then overall positive for companies.”

Khan states that their plan for PPVs when starting AEW was very methodical and since then, the company has created a solid calender of events. Now the addition of Forbidden Door and All In creates six major annual events for the company.

Is Tony Khan Up For More PPVs A Year?

Khan went on to express that he is intrigued by the notion of having more PPVs due to the upsurge in revenue that those hypothetical events could create.

“As for expanding the calendar even further, it is something we can talk to Discovery about and it is something everybody believes could potentially be revenue positive so I think that’s something that certainly to consider, but I’m very happy with what we built.

“So, it’s something that I’m thinking obviously probably tell from the length of this answer and some of the things I’m saying, it’s something I’m giving a lot of consideration.”

Please credit AEW and h/t Inside The Ropes for the transcription.