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Tony Khan Says Losing To NXT Made Him Better

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AEW President, Tony Khan, has admitted that losing to NXT in the ratings has made him a better booker and that it caused him to get more involved in the creative process.

The period in question was December 2019 when AEW lost in the demos to NXT. Every week prior and most weeks since, the Jacksonville promotion has managed to top WWE’s black and gold brand in both ratings and demos but this instance was the one that caused Tony Khan to change what his promotion were doing.

Speaking tp PWTorch, the owner admitted that one loss was the catalyst for a more hands on approach where creative was concerned and how learned to reject ideas which previously wasn’t one of his strengths:

“The process kind of changed for me after December….we’ve only had one show where we didn’t win the demo head-to-head for the night. I really had to do a lot of reflection on what had put us in that position and what I could do to change things and what we could do to change the process. And I became more motivated, that’s the wrong word. I shouldn’t say motivated. I became more productive in terms of trying to come up with my own ideas and then also in terms of managing other people’s ideas or just organizing the show or you know, taking outside ideas and trying to package them together.

I just tried to become more proactive and also say no to more stuff. That was a big thing, just not rolling over on stuff I don’t believe in, and I’ve tried not to do it as much this year, and I think the show is better for it. And that’s probably been the biggest change in 2020.”

While everyone is entitled to their opinion on whether Khan has done a better job since his defeat in December, AEW Dynamite has seen an upturn in the quality of tales they tell and the matches they produce.

Khan has taken the loss as well as the criticism of his product not being sports based and turned it into a positive for all involved. This change of attitude has allowed him to finally push Kenny Omega into the main event picture and will undoubtedly give AEW Dynamite another ratings victory on December 2, when ‘The Cleaner’ challenges Jon Moxley for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

Credit for the interview: PWTorch

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone