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Tony Khan Has Discussed Ring Of Honor With WarnerMedia

Tony Khan AEW

AEW President and Ring Of Honor owner Tony Khan says he has discussed the future of ROH with broadcast partner WarnerMedia as he looks to get the brand back on TV.

Khan made a rare appearance on AEW Dynamite back in March 2022 to announce that he had bought Ring Of Honor. The first ROH show under Tony Khan’s stewardship came in April with Supercard of Honor XV with many contracted AEW stars competing on that show.

Now in an appearance on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox, Tony Khan discussed the immediate future of ROH and says his current strategy of promoting ROH championships on AEW is the way forward for now and adds that he’s looking to get the brand on TV every week, possibly with the company behind AEW’s TV deals:

“I think it’s the best way to keep the champions, and the championship belts in the spotlight and the forefront of wrestling is to have the Ring Of Honor champions involved with AEW right now. As we’ve had champions from companies from all over the world defending their titles, including New Japan Pro Wrestling and AAA recently.”

“You’ve seen many championships defended in AEW, and I think we will continue to see Ring Of Honor champions in AEW. But also, I am really excited to get Ring Of Honor weekly television distribution, and working on those details. I’ve had a lot of really exciting conversations with the people at WarnerMedia about the future of Ring Of Honor, which I think everybody is really excited about.”

Tony Khan further elaborated on his reasons for buying Ring Of Honor and says he thinks the company had a lot of dormant fans who are getting excited about its future once again:

“I think the Ring Of Honor purchase made a lot of sense because it’s a great company. And not only does it have a great video library, and great trademarks. But, there are a lot of Ring Of Honor fans. Frankly, when you talk about dormant fans, I think there were a ton of dormant Ring Of Honor fans.”

“When was the last time you bought a Ring Of Honor PPV or went to one? I think there were a lot of people who were that way, and clearly, the numbers showed. Because it had been years since Ring Of Honor had done these kinds of numbers. So I think we have rejuvenated a lot of interest in the business. And I do expect that we can continue to do that.”

“In business, they say it is good to buy low and sell high. I think the value of Ring Of Honor was not at an all-time high, to say the least. Now, I believe we have injected a lot of life, and energy into the business in a short time.”

One of the most discussed parts of Khan’s deal to purchase Ring Of Honor centres on the company’s video library that dates back 20 years. According to Tony Khan, he does not have a timeline for a streaming service or the like but he wants to make even more use of the library that had previously been done:

“I can’t promise a timeline, but I am definitely going to make sure that fans are able to access the classic Ring Of Honor library. There’s a lot of stuff that’s been available on the Honor Club. But I think that we can incentivize fans to check out a lot more historical Ring Of Honor content because a lot of these great wrestlers are stars in AEW now.

“Some of the biggest names in AEW were also some of the biggest names in Ring Of Honor.”

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