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Tony Khan Reveals Who He Feels Is Responsible For WCW’s Decline

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Tony Khan has given his opinion on the dying days of WCW, surmising that one man in particular made the company “ten times worse.”

Tony Khan recently shared his thoughts on what went wrong in WCW. During an appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast, Khan shared his belief that poor organization played a pivotal role in the companies demise. However, it seems the final nail in the coffin in Khan’s eyes was the hiring of Vince Russo:

“Some of the things that went wrong for WCW were giving creative control to a lot of the wrestlers and some of the storylines were asinine. Some of the ideas were great, but it was a very disorganised show and then when they brought somebody else in from the WWF to be a writer, Vince Russo, he made it ten times worse.

He took a problem…they had a massive hangnail and he just chopped off the arm. That was part of the problem. Then, you had another major issue, which was the management. Most successful wrestling companies have had one supreme commander at the top. He’s owned it, booked everything, run the place, run management. Whether it’s Vince McMahon organizing everything, Cowboy Bill Watts, Eddie Graham, Fritz Von Erich, countless others. That made sense as a business model. Strong management, WCW didn’t have, and I could provide. [I’m a] more organised booker than anyone [WCW] had.”

Despite his recent comments on WCW, Tony Khan has also been vocal about his appreciation for the company. When pitching AEW to Kevin Reilly of TNT, Khan is said to have praised WCW for thriving on the Turner Network prior to its demise.