Tony Khan Reveals Where He’d Hold An AEW Show In The UK

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has discussed the possibility of All Elite Wrestling holding a show in the United Kingdom and names the venue where he wants a show to take place.

Since AEW’s inception, there has been a large number of wrestling fans in the UK who have clamoured for the company to bring a show to these shores. It was rumoured that Fyter Fest in 2020 was originally pencilled in for the UK but the global pandemic put paid to that.

Now speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW President Tony Khan has said for the first time his dream venue to hold an event in the UK and it’s a place he knows very well:

“I have thought a lot about it. I don’t have the exact date or I can announce it yet. But I do want to come to England it’s a huge part of my life and I want to bring AEW to England officially with matches. The TV penetration we have is amazing. It’s a great thing we have going with ITV and with people buying AEW plus on FITE TV. Having dynamite on ITV and ITV 4 has been amazing for us and we have some great wrestlers from the UK, male and female. So I really want to get over there.”

“I can’t announce exact dates, but I will say for the first time I think I’ve ever said it officially so to give you guys a big scoop on it. I want to bring AEW to Craven Cottage, very much so and Craven Cottage is very special to me. We put a lot into the development, the redevelopment of the Riverside Stand, it’s going to be amazing. The new Craven Cottage with all of the new amenities and facilities and all the beautiful additions I think would be the best home In England possible for AEW.”

Craven Cottage is the home of Fulham Football Club which is also owned by the Khan family. The stadium sits in the borough of Fulham in West London and has a capacity of just under 20,000 for football matches.

During the discussion, Tony Khan also discussed the prospect of Olympic gold medallist Gable Steveson joining WWE.

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