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Tony Khan Reveals Aces Up His Sleeve

Tony Khan Thumb

AEW President and mastermind, Tony Khan, has revealed that he has more aces up his sleeve to make AEW stand out from the competition.

Taking to Twitter following the airing of Wednesday night’s Dynamite, Khan stated in uncertain terms that he plans to keep the shocks and surprises coming. He tweeted:

“Thank you everyone who watched #AEWDynamite last night! A shift in wrestling’s balance of power has begun and the winners will be the wrestling fans. PAC’s return after 8 months and I have aces up the sleeve in the weeks ahead. You won’t get them all at once but you’ll get them all”

The tweet came following the return of PAC after he was stranded in the United Kingdom due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions and the shocking challenge by Shaq to Cody Rhodes.

Though it remains to be seen what shocks and surprises Tony Khan has up his sleeve going forward, rumour has been rife that Sting could make an appearance in the coming months to be given a proper retirement after citing that he was good for one more match.

Of course, there is also the Brock Lesnar speculation that while highly unlikely, is persistent in doing the rounds.

Inside the Ropes reported earlier this week that the reference to the balance of power changing was aimed towards that in Eddie Kingston’s faction, as we seem to head towards Kingston vs. PAC for control of the group.