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Tony Khan Responds To Reports That WWE Have Stopped Scouting Indies

Tony Khan at press conference

AEW President Tony Khan has seemingly responded to recent reports that say WWE is moving away from scouting independent wrestling talent for their roster.

There has been talk of WWE’s recruitment process getting an overhaul ever since thirteen members of the NXT roster were released from their contracts in early August. Since then major changes to NXT have been expected with WWE President Nick Khan promising a “complete revamp” to take place imminently. One factor that is believed to have changed is the recruiting process and what the company is looking for in a prospective hire although WWE EVP Triple H disputes if that has really changed.

Dave Meltzer has reported in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter is one thing that has changed is that WWE will not be looking for any talent on wrestling’s rich and varied independent scene. In recent years it became commonplace for the company to sign the cream of the crop from the independents and take them to NXT.

Meltzer wrote:

“Several in the company have told us that the word from the top is no more independent talent as far as scouting and such (keep in mind no “no more” doctrine in wrestling really means that and guaranteed this will change in time) and that AEW can have all the independent talent to itself. They are back to the feeling of scouting by looks and not because guys have gotten over elsewhere and teaching people with the right look to be wrestlers.”

“As funny as this sounds, pro wrestling is hardly the only TV business with this mentality, as many industries scout looks whether it be music and acting and even local news believing that looks is what makes mainstream stars and will draw more eyeballs and you can teach those people to do the job and they’ll draw more ratings than better people at the job who aren’t as good looking. Anyway, the plan is to have people bring in a lot more athletes and do more tryouts like they did in Las Vegas going forward.”

Now Tony Khan has responded to a Tweet regarding the report with a GIF from the movie Tin Cup where character David Simms says “I’ll take 18 of them, all day.”

Khan then followed that up with a still image featuring Ben Affleck in the incredible 2000 movie Boiler Room accompanied by the caption “We don’t hire brokers here; we train new ones.”