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Tony Khan Responds To Criticism That AEW Isn’t Sports Based

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AEW President, Tony Khan, has spoken out against the wealth of criticism aimed at All Elite Wrestling that the promotion is not sports based as had originally been promised.

Condemnation has been rife from for the company since it’s inception for one reason or another. Media, fans and journalists have all at one time or another had their say about the promotion.

Lately, however, AEW has faced criticisms that it’s moved away from what it promised to deliver following the Le Dinner Debonair and Town Hall Segments which have faced reproval of being too choregraphed.

Now Tony Khan has hit back at the haters in defence of his company and decision to air such segments alongside in-ring action. Talking on the Le Dinner Debonair segment, the owner stated:

“So Dinner Debonair was a variety segment, it got people talking, absolutely as we expected. And it was sandwiched in a show with so much in-ring action. It took place on a show where you had Penta versus Phoenix and Wardlow versus Jungle Boy and the tag match and all these great in-ring matches.”

After stating that the Town Hall Meeting between The Inner Circle and MJF, hosted by Eric Bischoff, was more conventional to a professional wrestling show the boss spoke on the comparisons devotees drew between the pair:

“They’re very different from each other. I don’t know how you can compare those two segments, they are apples and oranges. It [Town Hall Meeting] takes place in the wrestling ring, you know, does that make sense? As long as it’s not somebody stroking their own ego talking about themselves for 20 minutes, wrestlers talking to each other about wrestling is some of the best stuff about wrestling.”

In an attempt to stray away from the criticism line of questioning, Khan changed the subject to the upcoming AEW Full Gear event on Saturday November 7. From the impressive card on display, Khan noted that Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page could very well shape the future of his company:

“I think it’s going to be as good as any match on the card, probably the best match, has the potential to be…and it could very well shape the future of the company. These are two of our biggest stars, they were our greatest tag team, and now this is our biggest rivalry.”

Kenny Omega will battle former partner and friend Hangman Page in the Final of the tournament to crown a new number one contender to the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

Inside the Ropes will have full coverage of AEW Full Gear on Saturday November 7.