Tony Khan Responds After Accidentally Confused For Nick Khan

AEW President Tony Khan

Tony Khan has had his say after being accidentally mistaken for WWE’s Nick Khan.

AEW President Tony Khan has commented that he couldn’t be more different from Nick Khan after being accidentally confused for the WWE co-CEO on social media.

The confusion came after Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy responded to a tweet asking for interview questions for the AEW boss. Portnoy took mistaken aim Tony Khan asking why he got his Barstool Van Talk show cancelled.

The show aired for only one episode on ESPN 2 in October 2017. It was suggested at the time that then-CAA talent agent Nick Khan played a role in the souring of the relationship between ESPN and Barstool by highlighting past incidents of misogyny on the blog.

“When he got Barstool Van Talk cancelled why did he then invite me to sit next to him at a fight at MSG as his guest and pretend that I didn’t know he was responsible? Did he think I was stupid or that I’d just forget or is he just that two faced?”

After being notified of his mistake, Portnoy wrote “Quick correction. I got the wrong Khan. Tony we like. Nick is the guy who is full of shit. Carry on.”

Tony Khan then got in the action, commenting that he couldn’t be more different to the WWE executive.

The October 5th episode of AEW Dynamite is set to run for an extra 15 minutes as All Elite Wrestling celebrates the third anniversary of it’s flagship show.