Tony Khan Provides New Update On Bryan Danielson Following Injury

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan thinks Bryan Danielson’s initial injury at Forbidden Door 2 is a bit more severe than initially expected.

The AEW President was closing out the AEW Blood & Guts/ROH Death Before Dishonor media call when POST Wrestling’s John Pollack asked if he had any update on the status of Danielson, who suffered a fractured arm during his memorable main event match against Kazuchika Okada. Danielson came out victorious, but the arm fracture put everything in question as to when we’ll see him compete again. The first diagnosis gave Danielson a timeframe of a six-to-eight week recovery, but Khan provided added clarification after time has passed.

“It’s been a little bit worse than I think anybody anticipated. I don’t wanna put an exact timeline on it, but Bryan is in the process of recovering and we can get into more details on it at a later date, but he’s still engaged with me and I talked to Bryan on a very regular basis. He hasn’t been traveling to the shows and coming to the meetings in person, but I still touch base with Bryan all the time. And, he’s one of the people I’m closest to, I think for many reasons and he’s one of the most intelligent people I know so I always like talking to him about ideas and thoughts and we really miss him.”

Tony Khan Says Bryan Danielson Will Be Missed For Blood & Guts, But There’s A Silver-Lining

Khan continued, noting that how much Danielson’s presence will be missed in the Blood & Guts battle, but also noted there is a positive to come out of it all.

“I think, it’ll be great when he comes back. Certainly, he would have been a tremendous participant in this Blood & Guts, but I do think there’s so many exciting things happening right now and it would be amazing if Bryan was in the match, but I do think there’s been this incredible silver-lining and it came in the form of ‘The Hammer’ PAC and he is back and it’s great to have him back and I think this was a great opportunity to bring PAC back not long after he has recovered from his injuries.”

As far as a gauge as to when we could see Danielson return to ring action, Khan left that open to possibilitees but downplayed the original timetable of recovery.

“And as soon as we possibly can, we’ll get Bryan back in and even if it is a little bit longer than six to eight weeks, he’s rushing to get back as soon as he possibly can and pushing and nobody works harder on their body and himself than Bryan does so I have full confidence that Bryan will bounce back from this as soon as he possibly can.”

Please credit AEW and Inside The Ropes for the transcription.