Tony Khan Plans To Try And Scissor Daddy Khan

Tony Khan & Shad Khan

In recent weeks and months, scissoring begun to take over the world. Max Caster, Anthony Bowens and Billy Gunn have turned the hand gesture into a sporting phenomenon which has even made it’s way into the world of baseball while being embraced by AEW boss Tony Khan.

In fact, Khan is on record stating that he believes that scissoring is a great way to meet new people. This has naturally led many fans to wonder whether he indulges in scissoring himself, or if it’s something that he simply endorses from a safe difference.

Tony Khan Claims He’s Never Scissored His Father

In a new interview with WEEI 93.7 in Boston ahead of the November 9th edition of AEW Dynamite, Khan was asked if he had ever scissored his father Shad Khan, billionaire owner of NFL franchise the Jacksonville Jaguars. Seeing as Max Caster and Anthony Bowens love to scissor Daddy Ass, it is was obvious question. Khan revealed that while he hasn’t scissored Daddy Khan yet, he’s going to try, believing he will love it.

“I never have, that’s fascinating, now I have to. Nobody would appreciate it more than him. He loves AEW and gets a kick out of the fans supporting it. He has worked in Detroit and the only reason AEW is possible is because of the hard work he put in that allowed us to make this big upfront investment to launch this company that has been a huge success.

Thanks to his hard work and taking a gamble on something that, honestly, when I started this up, he didn’t necessarily believe in at all and it led to a lot of arguing about whether this was a good idea or not but it’s proven its a very good idea and I think he’s glad he supported it. He would love that and I will try to scissor him.”

Following a shocking attack on a recent episode of Rampage, Daddy Ass has been left unable to scissor without the use of foam fingers. The Acclaimed will look to earn retribution for the assault at Full Gear when they defend their AEW World Tag Team Titles against Swerve In Our Glory.

H/t Fightful