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Tony Khan On Working With WWE – “The Forbidden Door Is Open”

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has discussed working with different wrestling companies and if there would ever be a possibility of All Elite Wrestling working with WWE.

The wrestling world has been shaken ever since IMPACT executive Don Callis helped Kenny Omega pry away the AEW World Title from Jon Moxley. The next week, the new AEW Champion would appear on IMPACT On AXS TV. Since then, wrestlers from both companies have crossed the divide appearing and wrestling on each other’s shows.

This took another twist when New Japan Pro-Wrestling star KENTA would appear on AEW Dynamite attacking Jon Moxley.

Speaking to Wrestle Fetish AEW President Tony Khan has detailed what goes into making these partnerships work and what he hopes to achieve.

Khan explained:

“Hopefully, you can create a synergy where together, the two companies are stronger than they were as two individuals. I think that’s happening with the relationships we’re building. We’re starting to see things helping both sides and creating a buzz that is bigger than just one company.

The biggest thing in relationships with me is to treat people really well and be honest with people. I try to and I don’t bat 1.000, but I try to treat people well and that’s why people like to work [for AEW]. I think people have had a good experience, for the most part. I try to be honest with people about what I’m looking for and I do think that sets us apart from some other wrestling companies. In dealing with other wrestling companies, I try to treat them the same way. Whether it’s Scott [D’Amore] and Don [Callis] or the folks from New Japan, I try to treat them with a lot of respect off-camera and on-camera, I don’t necessarily treat everyone with respect [laughs].

Khan continued:

I don’t want to be a character like that on our show. For the relationship off-camera, it’s very important, but you have to protect your own company. Sometimes, we’re all too protective and there is a balance. There is a fine line you have to walk it very carefully where you protect your own company but also do interesting things. A lot of our wrestlers have been big stars in New Japan. There are a lot of people that have been to New Japan and know it well. A lot of fans watch both companies and that’s great. I encourage that and want people to be fans of both companies.”

Khan was then asked if he would ever be open to partnering up with WWE in the same way and if he would let through wrestling’s fabled ‘forbidden door.’

Khan commented:

“They are more than welcome. As I’ve said, the forbidden door is open. Just come and knock. If they were to knock on the door, then I would certainly be willing to let them in.”

Credit: Wrestle Fetish

h/t Fightful for the transcription