Tony Khan On Why Sting’s Retirement Will Be One Of Wrestling’s “Biggest Moments”

Tony Khan Sting

At the age of 64, Sting is still making waves in the professional wresting business more than thirty years after making his debut.

Real name Steve Borden, the star is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling, where he’s been in an alliance with Darby Allin since making his debut in 2020. While the star’s career is no doubt winding down, AEW President Tony Khan made it clear in a recent Double or Nothing media call that he wants to keep him wrestling and active for as long as possible since he’s such a valuable part of the company’s roster.

“I am going to try and keep Sting wrestling and active as long as he wants to do it. He hasn’t really given me a set time. He’s mentioned it at times that he’s not going to wrestle forever. Truth be told, I would like Sting to compete as long as he wants.

“I really think he adds so much to the company and going forward, as we add more TV shows, more presence on TBS and TNT for AEW, having somebody like Sting in the company, such a great star and a great business asset for the company, but also a great person. We love having him here and I would love for Sting to stay as long as he could.”

“I Don’t Want To Leverage His Retirement For Short-Term Gain” – Tony Khan On Sting’s Final Bout

Continuing, Khan spoke about his plans for Sting’s eventual retirement, saying it will be one of the biggest moments in professional wrestling history.

“Whenever he does decide that it’s time for his last match, we would definitely want to make it a big event and I think it’s one of, frankly, the biggest moments out there in pro wrestling right now; Sting’s retirement match.

“I think if you took all the big ideas, and I’m not just talking about in AEW, I’m talking in the entire world of pro wrestling, if you took all the biggest things and biggest ideas and put them on paper, I think you’d be hard pressed to come up with things more interesting than Sting’s retirement match or the kind of things that would get fans all over the world more interested or excited.

“It’s definitely something that will eventually be a major asset to the company, but in the meantime, Sting himself is a major asset to the company and I don’t want to try and leverage his retirement for short-term gain. Right now, the person we’re getting is so incredibly valuable to the company.”

h/t Fightful