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Tony Khan On Gangrel and Shane Helms Appearing In AEW In The Future

Gangrel & Hurricane

One of the more surprising talking points to come out of AEW Full Gear were appearances by Gangrel and Shane Helms during the Elite Deletion Match between Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara.

The match itself saw the conclusion of the rivalry between Hardy and Guevara but not before the two wrestling legends popped up with a surprise appearance.

This has naturally lead to speculation over whether we might be seeing more of the former leader of The Brood Gangrel and Shane Helms aka The Hurricane, going forwards. Something which AEW President Tony Khan hasn’t ruled out.

While speaking to the media during the post-show media scrum Khan said that while neither performer was booked for anything in the immediate future, the door is very much still open.

“To be honest i don’t have either of them booked on anything in the next loop or in the immediate future. But i’m also open to both of them coming back.”

Khan also revealed that he was at the compound for the filming of the match and enjoyed his time with both wrestlers.

“I was at the compound for the deletion producing the match and i spent time with both guys, i’ve known Shane for a while, and i had never met Gangrel before. I really enjoyed spending time with both guys, and i’d love to see both of them come back at some point, i think that would be a lot of fun.”

During the appearance Khan also talked about being a huge fan of Darby Allin, Don Callis appearing on commentary and much more.