Tony Khan Has No Regrets About Hitting Out At Fans On Twitter

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan doesn’t regret lashing out at dismissive fans on social media, believing it to be great engagement for all involved.

Tony Khan doesn’t hold any regrets for his Twitter behaviour.

The AEW CEO revealed as such during a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, stating how doing so is actually great interaction between him and the AEW fanbase. He noted that he used to have a similar connection with the wrestling world when he was just a fan, with modern social media bringing back his passion for breaking down the proverbial barrier.

Tony Khan claimed that he finds it “good fun” when replying to AEW fans, stating:

“No, not really [he has no regrets], I think it’s great. It’s great engagement with the fans, it’s great engagement with people. I love connecting with the fans to hearing what they think. I was an online wrestling fan, and I grew up in an age where there was some connectivity, and then it got taken away for a long time, and then Twitter really brought it back and was such a unique platform where, you know, so many of the people in wrestling are on one social media platform.

And it’s communicating, you know, it’s about writing, and it’s very much up a wrestling person’s alley trying to write a witty quip or trying to sum up a story in a tight thing. So, I really, really like it and you know, I think it’s all in good fun.”

Tony Khan has become synonymous with interacting with fans on social media over the most minuscule of AEW-related details. While he claims it’s good engagement, it can often make him appear as incapable of handling himself in a professional manner.

Interacting online is, however, one of the only ways for Tony Khan to communicate with his audience, as he spoke during the same interview of his lack of televised appearances on AEW programming.

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