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Tony Khan Names The “Hardest Working Person In Wrestling”

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Tony Khan has named the hardest working person in professional wrestling today, noting the AEW stalwart frequently stays up all night to work on shows.

The AEW President was responding to a query from someone on social media regarding an interview given by QT Marshall. Marshall told Tony Schiavone on AEW Dynamite:

“I’m frustrated. Oh but I’m Cody’s friend right? It’s probably the reason you think I’m out here getting this opportunity to speak right now. And yes, it has its perks. I look at my wife over there and I’ve known her since we were eight years old.”

“But what about the stuff you don’t see? Making sure Cody’s coffees hot, or his t-shirts cut the right way. Or how about the fact that when tonight is over Cody’s gonna go back to the Marriott and lay down with his wife while I stay up all night and work while my wife sleeps alone.”

A fan took issue with the assertion that Marshall stayed up all night working, to which Marshall replied on social media:

@TonyKhan and I stay up working, writing the next shows.We have week to week television.”

At this point Tony Khan stepped in and gave his thoughts on Marshall’s work ethic:

“I was literally up until 6am this morning with QT putting together formats for next week. Given his training at the Nightmare Factory + his wrestling commitments, on top of all of the work he does in the office, I think he’s probably the hardest working person in this business.”

In addition to his AEW duties, QT Marshall is a coach at the Nightmare Factory training school that he operates with Cody Rhodes.

On the 31st of March edition of AEW Dynamite QT Marshall faces Cody Rhodes in a special exhibition match. Head coach of the Nightmare Family Arn Anderson will act as the special referee.