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Tony Khan Names His Favourite AEW Storyline

Darby Allin and Sting

Tony Khan has revealed his favourite storyline that he has booked so far in All Elite Wrestling.The AEW CEO named the on-going feud between Darby Allin and Team Taz as the story he has enjoyed most.

Speaking on Chris Jericho’s ‘Talk Is Jericho’ podcast, Khan gave his thoughts on the story as well as the evolution of Team Taz.

Khan explained:

“As far as my favourite thing that’s a start to finish thing that I did a lot of stuff on. I brought it up before but definitely the whole Darby against Team Taz and what it became and then bringing in Sting. It’s still going, and it’s been going a long time.I think there’s been a lot of cool moments. Ricky coming in. Like I said, didn’t have him as the name but knew we needed to add somebody with Brian [Cage], and that was clearly the guy and then Will along the way.”

“Taz would add so much to it with his expertise and being a great coach, and he’s a great commentator for us, but he adds so much to them and the presentation of it. Ricky has added a lot too. Brian was a guy who signed off the bat, and he was injured when we first signed him.”

Tony Khan revealed that in his plan for the story there would be two matches that he hoped would deliver a big rating on AEW Dynamite:

“I had this idea saved up for Darby, but then with Sting being available, plugging him into it. I wanted to do something big, build up to a big Darby vs. Ricky match and save Darby vs. Brian. So we get two huge ratings along the way, build them both up for months and months, and we ended up doing huge ratings for both. We did over a million for Darby and Ricky, and Ricky had never won a match on Dynamite. Ricky, I really believe in and had great moments. He’s had great ideas too.”

Ricky Starks and Brian Cage will face off against the TNT Champion Darby Allin and Sting in a street fight.This will take place on Sunday, March 7th, 2021 on AEW’s Revolution pay-per-view.The match will be Sting’s first since facing Seth Rollins in WWE in 2015.

As well as discussing his favourite moments in AEW, Khan would also tell Jericho one moment he regrets from AEW Dynamite.

Credit: Talk Is Jericho

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription