Tony Khan Discusses Recent Talent Meeting, Hints At WWE Contract Tampering

Tony Khan

During a media call ahead of AEW All Out, Tony Khan addressed the recent talent meeting and hinted at the idea of WWE tampering with AEW contracts.

Ahead of the August 24th episode of AEW Dynamite, it was reported that the company would be holding a mandatory talent meeting amidst rumors of some being discontent with the company. While some were reportedly still unhappy after the meeting took place, it was said to make many members of the roster feel better about things.

Ahead of the September 4th AEW All Out pay-per-view, Tony Khan took part in a media call and spoke about the meeting that was held, saying that a variety of topics were addressed.

“There was a meeting. We went over a lot of different things. There were dozens of points that came up, I think it was just a lot of housekeeping, honestly, and we hadn’t sat down together. We used to do this on a pretty regular basis at Daily’s Place and it’s not something we had done in a while. A variety of things came up and it’s stuff that would be good to stay behind closed doors. Some of it did stay behind closed doors, amazingly, but a lot of it came out.

“Some of the things I saw reported in the meeting were pretty accurate, some of the things were wildly inaccurate. It definitely, across the spectrum of reports, I saw some stuff that I was like, ‘Wow, that’s like being a fly on the wall’ and other stuff where it was, ‘Okay, that never happened.’ That’s pretty much a day in wrestling journalism. I thought it was good for us all to get together and talk about a number of things.”

One issue that was reportedly discussed during the meeting was that AEW’s legal team sent a warning to WWE with regards to contract tampering following reports that WWE had been in contact with a number of AEW wrestlers. While Tony Khan did not directly make mention of contract tampering itself, he alluded to the report and also said that he believes the meeting did well to address a variety of topics. He feels very positive about the outcome.

“There was one issue, that had come up, that people have seen stuff written about and I don’t really want to get into it, but if someone asked me, I guess I would get into it a little more, but there were issues the talent had come to us about and said, ‘I think you should probably know about.’

“Based on the talent coming to us and telling us that and giving us their feedback and telling us stuff that happened with them, to them, both in the company and things happening outside the company, from other companies even, based on what the talent was saying to us, we thought it was good to have a meeting with everybody. I thought the meeting went really well, certainly this week was really a positive week of television and good energy going into the pay-per-view.”

h/t Fightful