Tony Khan Interested In “Potentially Being Involved” In WWE Sale Process

AEW President Tony Khan

Back in January AEW boss Tony Khan publicly expressed an interest in possibly purchasing WWE.

The comments from Khan came after Vince McMahon returned to WWE on January 6th and was elected Executive Chairman just days later. It has been repeatedly stated that McMahon’s return is to help facilitate the sale of the company and help with upcoming media rights deal negotiations.

Is Tony Khan Buying WWE?

Speaking during an appearance on The Mark Hoke Show, Khan has now reiterated his interest in the WWE sale process.

“I don’t know exactly what will happen there. I’ve been told, and I think they’ve said publicly, that there may be a sale process. If there is a sale process, certainly I’m interested in it and potentially being involved in it. We’ll have to see what that process is, and who exactly they’ll let get involved in it. Certainly, I’m interested in it very much,”

Speaking in a recent interview with CNBC, WWE CEO Nick Khan discussed his hopes for the sale and Vince McMahon’s role. The former Hollywood agent said that McMahon would be prepared to step down to maximise a potential sale, or after a sale has been finalised. Khan added that he expected a sale to be completed quickly, noting that it could happen within three months.

Vince McMahon returned to WWE’s Board on January 6th along with two other associates. To make room for his return he removed three serving members, and two more quit of their own accord. This was followed by the departure of co-CEO Stephanie McMahon. McMahon had ‘retired’ in July 2022 amidst a whirlwind of claims of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. It was alleged that he made a series of “hush money payments” in an effort to suppress the claims.

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