Tony Khan Held Multiple Meetings With CM Punk Following AEW Brawl

Tony Khan & CM Punk

While relations between CM Punk and AEW seemed to hit rock bottom following the now-infamous All Out media scrum and its aftermath, it has now emerged that meetings have been held between Punk and Tony Khan.

After rumours of locker room unrest around the time of All Out, Punk went on the attack at the media scrum shortly after he won the company’s World Championship and took aim at a number of top figures in the company.

These comments sparked a brawl backstage and Punk hasn’t been seen on AEW television since. Although, it should be noted that he would have been unable to wrestle during this period regardless due to triceps surgery.

Now, according to a new report from Fightful Select there may have been some attempts to mend fences as Punk and Khan have held several meetings since the incident. However, they also note that it’s unclear if anything came of them.

Another meeting was seemingly set to take place as recently as mid-February, but was said to be delayed due to the funeral of Jerry Jarrett.

CM Punk blasts AEW figures in now-deleted social media post

While, in recent weeks, there have been reports suggesting that CM Punk might be looking to return to the company, a recent social post by the star may have put an end to that idea.

The former World Champion blasted AEW boss Tony Khan, claimed Dave Meltzer is a liar, said Jon Moxley refused to lose to him and derided Chris Jericho as a liar and a stooge.

Jericho is reported to have told Punk after All Out that he was a “cancer to the locker room, and a detriment to the company.” There have also been reports that Jericho was among a number of top AEW stars who assured the locker room that Punk wouldn’t appear for the company again.

Since then, it has been reported that the post has led to many backstage in the company “losing confidence” that Punk will be back.