Tony Khan Donates $10,000 To Cezar Bononi’s GoFundMe

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has generously donated a five-figure sum of money to help the family of one All Elite Wrestling’s stars in their time of need.

Brazilian wrestler Cezar Bononi first took to social media in March to plead for help in getting a bone marrow transplant for his wife who is suffering from leukemia.

Bononi tweeted on the 23rd of March:

“I usually don’t do this but desperate times need desperate actions. My sister in law is a match donor for my wife’s Leukemia treatment, without a bone marrow transplant there is an 80% chance of the disease coming back. Brazil’s health system is overloaded because of covid and they are not able to withdraw her bone marrow before April 27th. The doctors said that my wife needs a transplant on the 1st of April. We applied for an emergency visa and they did not accept a request for interview. We tried to call the US Embassy in Brazil but they said they cannot help. If somebody, somehow can help, my family will truly appreciate it. God bless you all.”

The wrestling world then rallied around Bononi with messages of support and Bononi thanked the AEW legal team in a follow-up tweet for their help. Bononi’s wife received her bone marrow transplant on the 21st of May with Bononi saying she has three more weeks in hospital to monitor any rejection.

Cezar Bononi has since set up a GoFundMe to help with the costs associated with his wife’s ongoing battle with leukemia. Jon Alba reported on Twitter that the top donation was made by ‘Anthony Khan’ for $5000. It then transpired that Khan had made two donations both for $5000. Alba later confirmed that the donations were indeed made by AEW President Tony Khan.

Bononi’s colleagues appear to have pitched in to help as well with donations made in the names of, among others, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, and Lance Archer.

For more information on Bononi’s GoFundMe and how you can help, click here.