Tony Khan Discusses Potential New Championship for AEW in 2021

Tony Khan giving an interview about a new AEW Championship

A Trios Title could be added to the AEW Championship roster in 2021. When asked during a media call, Tony Khan said of the possibility of additional titles:

“It won’t be in 2020. It will be, if it happens, it will most likely be in 2021. I’ve been seriously thinking about it. There’s a lot of momentum for it and we have a lot of great trios teams. I would like to get through 2020, into Beach Break, and towards Revolution, but I definitely think it’s something on my agenda and something I’ve been talking about for a long time and thinking about it,”

At this stage, it is unknown at what exact point these titles will be introduced. Should they make their debut during 2021, AEW’s roster has plenty of potential challengers. Jurassic Express, The Elite, The Death Triangle, Nightmare Family, Best Friends and Inner Circle could all count themselves as heirs presumptive to the new crown should AEW introduce the championship.

The new Trios Title will allow for further factional disputes, which would show where the power truly lies in the corridors of AEW’s wrestlers. Faction warfare certainly seems on the horizon when it comes to AEW.

h/t Fightful for the transcript

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