Tony Khan Comments On Mercedes Mone In AEW

Mercedes Mone NJPW entrance

Will Mercedes Mone make an appearance in All Elite Wrestling.

Following the former Sasha Banks debuting for NJPW at Wrestle Kingdom 17, it was heavily speculated that Mone would be seen on AEW TV due to the relationship between the two promotions. The rumours would only go stronger on January 11th, with Saraya announcing she had found a mystery partner to face the team of Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. and Jamie Hayter.

Tony Khan Believes Any Company Would Be Fortunate To Have Mercedes Mone

Despite many expecting to see the new NJPW signee to appear on Dynamite, the mystery partner turned out to be Toni Storm, with Mercedes Mone not appearing at all on the show.

Mone’s first match outside of WWE would take place on February 18th at New Japan’s Battle of The Valley pay-per-view. Mone would defeat KAIRI to become the new IWGP Women’s Champion.

Following the Revolution pay-per-view, Tony Khan was asked during the post show media scrum about the possibility of the IWGP Women’s Champion making an appearance for All Elite Wrestling.

Khan stated that he has high admiration of the in-ring work of Mone, and would not comment further on talks with non-AEW talent:

“I have a ton of respect for the IWGP Women’s World Champion, she’s a tremendous wrestler. I wouldn’t want to comment on discussions I’ve had with any wrestler who is a free agent, in particular, a wrestler who is a champion of one of our partners. A ton of respect for that great wrestler and somebody that any wrestling company would be very fortunate to have wrestling for them.”

While the NJPW star was not seen at Revolution, a surprise return did take place on the show. Following the conclusion of a title match, two former champions would make their return to the company following a lengthy absence.

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