Tony Khan Comments On A Potential Huge Change To AEW

Tony Khan AEW

Could Tony Khan be looking at expanding his wrestling empire event further?

The President of All Elite Wrestling and Ring of Honor has the potential to purchase the biggest brand in professional wrestling. With the news that Vince McMahon has shockingly returned to WWE to sell the company in the near future, it was reported that the Khan family were in the pool of buyers that were interested in making the acquisition.

Tony Khan Purchased Ring Of Honor In March 2022

With AEW and ROH talent frequently interacting with one another on Dynamite and Rampage, fans would be curious how WWE Superstars would be involved, if at all, if the hypothetical scenario were to take place. Tony Khan was asked what would happen if a third brand were to be purchased and be a part of his wrestling empire.

Speaking on the Bex and Buster show, Khan commented on the possibility of owning a third promotion whilst also trying to run the other two:

If I owned another wrestling company besides the two I already own, it would be very challenging, but I think we would want to maintain separate rosters just like I’ve tried to keep AEW and Ring of Honor to where there is crossover between the companies, but both have a strong pay-per-view business and AEW has great television. Soon, I’ll have more to talk about regarding when and where Ring of Honor’s weekly TV will be on HonorClub and, going forward, when and where we’re going to tape those shows. There is some example of what we would do as far as keeping the pay-per-view business separate, but having some crossover.”

Khan continued to reference the crossovers that have taken place between wrestlers in AEW and ROH. The All Elite Wrestling President stated that he is pleased with how the interactions have gone, and is open to the idea of more crossover rivalries if the opportunity presented themselves:

“It would certainly be different if it were a different company. With AEW and Ring of Honor, I’m very happy with what we’re doing. Certainly, if there were other opportunities that arose in terms of acquisitions then I would certainly be interested in (them),”

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcriptions.