Tony Khan Claims Women’s Blood & Guts Match “Wasn’t Feasible” In 2023

Tony Khan at ROH press conference

Tony Khan has claimed that the much-talked-about first-ever women’s Blood & Guts match was impossible in 2023.

On July 19th, Kenny Omega and The Elite will step into the famous double cage to take on the Jon Moxley Blackpool Combat Club as the war between the two factions rages on. However, for much of the year, fans wondered whether 2023 would see the first-ever women’s edition of the match.

Despite an ever-expanding roster and a women’s division on the rise, it seems that fans will have to wait a little longer.

Speaking on a media call ahead of ROH Death Before Dishonor, AEW boss Tony Khan said injuries and the 2023 Owen Hart Tournament made putting together a women’s match practically impossible.

“It would have been an interesting idea, it could have been a great match.

I definitely think Jamie Hayter’s injury, is probably a five-on-five there given some of the depth issues, and especially given Willow Nightingale just got back and putting her in that kind of match after she had a major head injury in Japan, probably wouldn’t be very smart. We’ve had some other major injuries there, and when there was some fan momentum for that idea, I think the Outcasts vs. Jamie, Britt, and some others, was really running red hot and Jamie Hayter was a part of that.

Some of the momentum for that, when Jamie Hayter was running hot as champion, was there, and I’m not sure at this moment, given some of the injuries we had, that was feasible. Also, with so many of the women competing this week in the Owen Hart Cup tournament, it is a very hard-hitting match and there is a lot of attrition for it.

Santana still hasn’t been back from last year. The women’s division is pretty beat up, they’ve been beating the hell out of each other. Probably was not a feasible idea for them this year.”

Tony Khan Open To Expanding AEW

During the same call, Tony Khan was asked about reports that AEW’s pay-per-view calendar could be expanded to as many as 12 events per year. While Khan was hesitant to commit to a number, he did concede that an expansion is something currently under consideration.

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