Tony Khan On Why He Chooses Not To Appear On AEW TV

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has revealed why he doesn’t want to become a regular character on AEW television.

One of the things that differentiates WWE and AEW is the presence of an onscreen authority figure. With Tony Khan as the official President of AEW, some might have believed that would appear more on television. However, that has hardly been the case.

Khan has only made four appearances on AEW television. Of course, one of those happened recently when he announced the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions after the All Out post-match controversy with CM Punk. That aside the AEW president has seldom made himself known in front of millions watching at home.

During his interview with BT Sport’s Ariel Helwani, Khan explained why he decided not to appear on television as often.

“I am a device. And when it is necessary, it can be a very effective one. And we’ve done 160 episodes, I have made all of four appearances in 160 episodes, all of them did about a million. Some of them were, really every time, they were very necessary. Some involve a little bit of talking, some involved really none.

The only four times I’ve been on the show, were you know, the most regrettable was at the end of the Brodie Lee tribute show. And then there was the purchase of Ring of Honor, there was the announcement of the Forbidden Door, and there was the announcement of the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions. Some of these did over a million, but it’s not like I’m a big hamper on the TV.

But it’s also not like a device I go to very often unless it’s absolutely necessary. So four times out of 160 we’re showing up on a very, very low percentage of the shows. So if I’m on, you know, a couple percent, 98% of the time, you’re not going to see me. And I think that’s important to note.”

Khan is still dealing with a lot of controversy in AEW, including multiple recent backstage incidents. Regarding the CM Punk and The Elite drama, a new report suggests investigations have slowed due to one of the parties involved not cooperating and possibly threatening legal action.

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