“[Tony Khan] Has Never Had A Bigger Challenge” – Jim Ross On The Build To All Out

Tony Khan AEW

Legendary announcer Jim Ross has addressed concerns he believes Tony Khan has ahead of AEW All Out 2022, with a main event yet to be confirmed!

All Elite Wrestling is scheduled to promote their fourth annual All Out pay-per-view on Sunday, 4 September and as it stands, the pay-per-view is without a key World Championship outing. It was expected that CM Punk and Jon Moxley would unify the official and interim AEW World Championships there, but this occurred on Dynamite instead.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has commented on the situation on his Grilling JR podcast, believing that this will be the toughest challenge faced by AEW head honcho Tony Khan as he speculates on what could headline All Out:

“I don’t know that, as a booker, that Tony Khan has had a bigger…these next few weeks, the last week and the weeks leading through the pay-per-view, he’s never had any bigger challenge to him than that. What do you do? I’m anxious to see what the brain trust comes up with as far as creative is concerned. I have confidence that he will, but they have a lot of options, a lot of ways to go.

Do you re-incorporate MJF? What do you do with Punk and Moxley? How long are they going to be ripe on the vine? All these things. Most bookers would probably embrace everything I just said because it gives them so many ways to go. Hell, I didn’t even know Punk had an issue with our cowboy, ‘Hangman’ [Adam Page].

Part of that interview the other day. I was like, ‘What? Did I miss something in the production meeting?’ Of course, we don’t go over the promos in the production meeting, which is good, and nobody writes Punk. Nobody writes anybody’s promo. You just go do it.”

Jon Moxley dethroned CM Punk of the AEW World Championship on Wednesday’s Dynamite, pinning ‘The Best in the World’ following two Paradigm Shift DDTs. The match lasted just over three minutes in one of the company’s most shocking results.

It’s expected that the pair will once again collide in the All Out main event, though it’s unclear as to how, exactly, AEW will reach this destination.

All Out 2022 has seen rampant changes made following an injury to Thunder Rosa ruling her out of a scheduled Women’s World Championship defence vs. Toni Storm, while a rumoured Eddie Kingston vs. Sammy Guevara singles encounter was canned following reports of their backstage heat.

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