Young Tony Khan Once Called Legendary Memphis Promoter With Ideas

Tony Khan

Legendary promoter Randy Hales revealed that Tony Khan called him with wrestling show ideas when he was still in high school!

After successfully owning and operating multiple sports franchises alongside his father Shahid Khan, Tony Kahn stepped into the world of professional wrestling in 2019 with the birth of All Elite Wrestling. Born in 1982, Khan was a rabid wrestling fan growing up and even used to fantasy book his own show called Dynamite when he was a kid.

When one fan on Twitter indicated that there would be no AEW if not for the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega agreeing to start the company, former Memphis wrestling promoter Randy Hales responded with the revelation that a high school aged Tony Khan already had his sights set on professional wrestling and had ideas for a wrestling show of his own.

“Tony called me at the Memphis Wrestling Office 25 years ago and wanted me to review Wrestling Shows he had written. He was in HS. Without The Buck AEW would of looked different but it would of happened. Desire and passion meets money.”

Long time Jarrett Promotions employee Randy Hales started with the company in 1981 and served as assistant promoter, commentator, and interviewer until its sale in 1997. He was also the owner of Memphis Power Pro Wrestling, a company that was in business from 1998 to 2001 and served as a developmental territory for the WWE.

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