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Tony Khan Says To Expect Blood & Guts To Return In The Summer

Tony Khan

AEW President Tony Khan has told fans to expect the Blood & Guts match to return in the summer.

The first Blood & Guts match was held on a special episode of AEW Dynamite on March 5th. In AEW’s blood soaked answer to WarGames, The Pinnacle led by MJF took on The Inner Circle with Chris Jericho at the helm.

The chaos came to an end with MJF pushing Chris Jericho from the top of the cage to the floor. The match had originally been scheduled to take place in 2020, but it was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking in a new interview with Marc Raimondi of ESPN, Tony Khan told fans that the match would be returning in the summer.

“Yeah. I’d say to expect Blood & Guts this summer,”

During the conversation, Khan was also asked about the future of Stadium Stampede. The AEW boss said that due to the changing wrestling landscape, the future of the match is much more uncertain.

“That I’ll have to get back to you on. I’ve thought about it. It’s a very different wrestling world now than it was during the pandemic. I think it’s a great match, a signature match for us that people really enjoyed. But some of the reasons we presented that match were because of the challenges that existed in the world because of the pandemic, as far as presenting sporting events with live fans. That doesn’t really exist in this live-event pandemic.”

2022 will also see AEW return to Las Vegas for the first time since before the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is set to host Double or Nothing at the T-Mobile Arena on May 29th. With this in mind, Khan was questioned over a possible link-up with UFC, who he said he hopes to work with in the future.

“I asked them to come. I don’t know. We’d have to see. If we could find a way to make that work, I think it would be great. I’m just excited to be out there for the week. Hopefully I can see UFC president Dana White and UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell in Vegas. It’s always great to have them here in Jacksonville for UFC 273 this weekend.

This will be the first time I’ve gotten to go back to Vegas since the pandemic started. When I’m out there, they’re definitely people l look up. The only people I’m racing to talk to when I’m out there are Dana and Hunter. It used to be Jon Moxley and his wife Renee Paquette, but they moved to Cincinnati,”

Ahead of Double or Nothing, AEW will be hosting their next TNT special, Battle of the Belts II. It was recently announced that Thunder Rosa will be defending her AEW Women’s World Championship against Nyla Rosa on the show. To date no other matches have yet been announced.