Tony Khan Attempting To Repair Fractured AEW Relationship

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has been making moves to repair a strained relationship.

The news that El Hijo del Vikingo would be making his AEW debut to finally take on Kenny Omega was welcomed by many fans as it has been delayed since 2021, when Omega had to pull out of a scheduled bout against the AAA star due to injury.

It is also a positive sign for the relationship between AAA and AEW, which has been fragile ever since one of Khan’s company’s top teams, FTR, lost the AAA Tag Team Championships to Dragon Lee and Drallistico after a 438-day reign, only for Lee to immediately announce he had signed for WWE.

Tony Khan working on repairing relationship with AAA

Another good sign for the relationship between the two companies is that Christopher Daniels is currently heading to Mexico to take part in the Lucha Libre World Cup as part of Team United States.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc. about his appearance for AAA, Daniels revealed that Khan has been having discussions with Konnan to work things out. According to the Fallen Angel, previous “misunderstandings” are in the past.

“Actually, I feel like it’s in a good position right now. Konnan and Tony Khan recently had a meeting and tried to suss all that out, and I feel like we’re in a good position.

“We’re in a good place right now, obviously, because I’m going to AAA to wrestle. So yeah, I feel like whatever miscommunications or misunderstandings, whatever that was, I feel like that’s in the past and we’re going to move forward and not dwell on that and try and be available.

“Each promotion is trying to be available for the other as its schedule permits.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.