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Tony Khan Appears On IMPACT, Addresses Rumours Of Buying Company

Tony Khan, AEW

This week’s IMPACT Wrestling was already advertised appearance of AEW World Champion Kenny Omega on the show, but AEW President Tony Khan and broadcaster Tony Schiavone also showed up with a “paid advertisement from All Elite Wrestling” promoting this week’s Dynamite and teasing Khan might buy IMPACT Wrestling.

Schiavone opened the segment stating, “The following announcement is paid for by All Elite Wrestling – home of AEW Dynamite, last week’s number one cable programme.”

Khan would then reveal why he was on the show, and how he managed to appear on it.

“IMPACT Wrestling, it’s great to be here tonight via this paid ad that’s allowed me to join you. I understand the new AEW World Champion is going to be here on the show tonight so I thought I would join him.

“If I wanted to stop it, Tony, I absolutely could. I could file an injunction, I could tell Kenny he is in breach of contract but I’m not going to do that. Instead I thought I would actually help fund the show via this ad because I think it will help. It’s going to help the budget, it’s going to help the bottom line and hopefully it’s going to help promote AEW to have our champion on this show. I don’t like the way Kenny won the belt. It was a joke, disgraceful. Terrible. Jon Moxley, the greatest champion in wrestling, he didn’t deserve that but let me tell you something, Don Callis, you’re welcome to come with Kenny, too”

After inviting Don Callis to the show, Khan and Schiavone would run down the card for this week’s Dynamite, rounding off with The Young Bucks against TH2. Khan would say the Young Bucks are “the best” before hinting that he may indeed check out some tag teams in IMPACT.

“Let me tell you something, some of these teams around here, maybe I’ll come check them out. I have some investments in Nashville, Tony. There are some rumours I might even buy IMPACT Wrestling.”

Khan then joked to Schiavone, “You spent a cup of coffee in IMPACT Wrestling yourself, didn’t you, Tony?” To which Schiavone replied, “Yeah, one night then I quit the business for 18 years.”

The pair would then also hype up Sting’s segment where Schiavone will interview the WCW and TNA legend following his return to wrestling, and further discuss Kenny Omega and Don Callis.